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This site is among a network of websites by Jesus Work Ministry with major keys for our extraordinary times. Keys on prayer & fasting, spiritual warfare, deliverance, prophecy, etc. Please see the lower part of this page for links to these major sections.


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“We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against...” Ephesians 6:12

The book below is available in paperback books & printable downloads: 3rd Edition, completely revised beyond online 2004 first edition. 2008 version at a donation price.

Deliverance book 1: Major Christian Deliverance Principles: Keys for Self-deliverance and Ministry
Chapter 5. Christian Deliverance and Healing in Spiritual Areas

This chapter has grown into another book on deliverance and healing in spiritual areas. The book is titled Breaking Spiritual Strongholds and Healing the Wounded Spirit: Dealing with Root Causes. Below is the Table of Contents of chapters and sub-topics in the book with links to pages of its free online first edition.

Breaking Spiritual Strongholds and Healing the Wounded Spirit: Dealing with Root Causes

“The punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed,” Isaiah 53:5.

INTRODUCTION: Breaking Spiritual Strongholds and Healing the Wounded Spirit
Chapter 1. Our Triune Nature: Spirit, Soul and Body
Chapter 2. Nature of Spiritual Strongholds: In the Mind, Emotions and Will
Chapter 3. The Nature of a Wounded Spirit, Crushed Spirit, or Broken Spirit
                 What is a wounded spirit?
                 Scars Showing Healed Wounds Vs. those Showing Wounds Yet to Heal
Chapter 4. Deception, the No. 1 Doorway for Spiritual Wounds
                 What is deception?
                 How does deception work in people?
                 What about a seared or burnt conscience?
                 Can a Christian have a seared or burnt conscience?
                 Three sources of deception: 1. Through deceiving spirits (fallen angels)
                 Three sources of deception: 2. Through ourselves (self-deception)
                 Three sources of deception: 3. Through other people: a) In the World
                 Three sources of deception: 3. Through other people: b) In the Church
                 How deception yielded to can result into a wounded spirit
                 Some examples of deception resulting into a wounded spirit
Chapter 5. The Other Three Sources of Spiritual Wounds and Strongholds
                 Ignorance, sin, and storms of life, doorways for wounds and strongholds
                 1) Ignorance
                 2) Sin
                 3) Storms of life (when responded to in a wrong way)
Chapter 6. Effects of a Wounded Spirit (Broken or Crushed Spirit)
                 The original wounds and their byproducts (secondary wounds)
                 Mental effects from the original wounds and their byproducts
                 Emotional effects from the original wounds and their byproducts
                 Effects in the will from the original wounds and their byproducts
Chapter 7. Personalityメs Role in Influencing our Spiritual Health
                 Intro: “Whatever is right, whatever is pure…think about such things”
                 Understanding our unique makeup from a biblical perspective
                 Our uniqueness using secular principles: The Four Temperament Theory
                 Our uniqueness using secular principles: Introversion and Extraversion
                 Our uniqueness using secular principles: Cognitive Personality Theories
                 Our uniqueness using secular principles: Behavioral Theories
Chapter 8. Healing the Wounded Spirit: The Christian Approach
                 Avoiding jumping to conclusions on the root causes
                 Avoiding Easy Conclusions in Relation to Dealing with a Wounded Spirit
                 Doing Our Part in the Healing Process: Embracing Truths in God’s Word
                 God’s Role: The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Healing Process
                 Prayerfully searching for doorways of access
                 Basic steps of faith to deliverance and healing
Chapter 9. Healing the Wounded Spirit: With Secular Approaches
                 1. Medication (with lots of caution)
                 2. Psychotherapy (has its limitations): Techniques like CBT and SBT
                 The limits of secular approaches
Chapter 10. The Enemy Within: Breaking Strongholds Hiding in Our Lives
                 Reality: The state of things as they really or truly are. No biases
                 Cognitive biases: How we think inside our boxes
                 The Christian box, the only mental box worth remaining in
                 Removing unnecessary boxes: Overcoming the enemy within
Chapter 11. Maintaining a Healthy Spirit and Embracing God's "Plan B"
                 Maintaining a healthy spirit in life’s journey
                 Embracing God's "Plan B" in life’s journey
Chapter 12. Overcoming Guilt, Guilty Conscience and Self-Condemnation
                 Marks of self-condemnation and guilty feelings
                 Nature of guilt and self-condemnation
                 The purpose of guilt from our conscience
                 Cause of unhealthy or unscriptural guilt and how to overcome it
                 What does God’s word say about our past sins and wrongs?
                 The most common experiences that result in unhealthy guilt
Chapter 13. Deliverance from Demonic Experiences and Demonic Manifestations
                 Deliverance from demonic manifestations & tapping into the spirit world
                 What causes some people to sense, see, smell, or hear evil spirit beings?
                 Deliverance and healing part 1: closing the legal doorways
                 Deliverance and healing part 2: Seeking God’s intervention
                 Standing in faith and obedience throughout the healing process
                 Deliverance and healing from spiritual attacks through dreams
Chapter 14. Deliverance and Healing from the Occult, Witchcraft & Satanism
                 Deliverance the occult, from witchcraft and from Satanism
Appendix 1. Cognitive Biases: How we Think Inside our Boxes
                 A List of Cognitive Biases
                 Quotations on Reality and the Way it is Perceived
                 Quotations on Building a Mindset Grounded in Faith and God’s Word
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              * Breaking Strongholds Book Index


Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Christian Deliverance and Healing, Part 1
Chapter 3. Fundamentals of Christian Deliverance and Healing, Part 2
Chapter 4. Prayer and Fasting: Major Deliverance and Healing Weapon
Chapter 5. Christian Deliverance and Healing in Spiritual Areas
Chapter 6. Christian Deliverance and Healing in Social Areas
Chapter 7. Christian Deliverance and Healing in Financial Areas
Chapter 8. Christian Deliverance and Healing in Physical Health Areas
Chapter 9. Overcoming Setbacks Against Deliverance and Healing (in 3rd Ed.)
Chapter 10. Christian Persecution –A Deliverance Exception

Deliverance book 1: Major Christian Deliverance Principles: Keys for Self-deliverance and Ministry © 2008 Eric Gondwe, BMC, MBA, DD

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